Rock Liebster

Hey!  My awesome pal Katherine at The Eyrea got, and then gave me, a Liebster Award.  It’s a little boost, a lovely recognition.  So this week’s post isn’t the usual archery stuff – but shaking things up every now and then is good, right?

11 facts about myself:

  1. I got my archery gear and ukelele in the same January, thus kicking off my ‘year of string.’
  2. I consider a bag of potato chips to be a single serving.  Regardless of the size.
  3. My bow and uke are named ‘Bow and Uke Duke’.  As suggested by Pat Barclay.
  4. Every summer, my high school friends still get together at Pat’s (parents’) cottage.  I cracked my tailbone there, jumping off a cliff.
  5. I love hand-me-downs, and that extends to hand-me-down archery gear.  My bag, my sight, my clicker, are all fringe benefits of having friends who are far more excited about buying stuff than I am.
  6. I like to scan my outift occasionally, and see how much of it was bought, made by myself, or second-hand.  Nothing purchased = score!
  7. I modelled for the remarkable Steve Sayer for the figures in the logo above.  I love to have my picture taken.  Hours of holding a bow up made me reconsider that attitude a bit.
  8. My lovely board game nook is an albatross around my neck.  Room for all my board games but who could possibly play that many board games?
  9. I got a trophy once.  From a ballroom dance competition.  It was festooned with American flag designs and my name was spelled wrong.
  10. I like to put trophies in a ‘free to a good home’ box at the end of the driveway and watch to see how fast someone comes along to strip all the metal bits off of them.
  11. I probably don’t have more trophies because I’m entirely noncompetitive.  Yet I choose hobbies like ballroom dancing and archery.  Hmmm.
Responses to 11 questions from Katherine:
  1. Chocolate or vanilla? Vanilla.  And I don’t mean plain, I mean rich, real vanilla.
  2. Tea or coffee?  I think either is lovely but the key thing is to drink it at a cafe and watch the world go by.  Hopefully, chat with strangers, too.
  3. What colour is Thursday (and why)?  Loreal Excellence no. 32, Golden Brown.  That was my Aunt Mary’s hair colour.  On Thursdays when I was a kid, she used to sleep over at our house, which made it my favourite day.   Canadian Living, cooking, sewing, doting, hard candies, the occasional call to the fire department.
  4. What’s the first thing you remember?  Only point your arrow at the target.
  5. If a stranger were to open your fridge door and look in right now, what would be the first thing they noticed? Plentiful leftovers in matching Tupperware.
  6. What made you decide to start writing a blog? A secret meeting and a crafty suggestion over Frank Gehry tea.
  7. If your home got featured in a house & home sort of magazine, how would you describe your decorating style?  All the handiwork of the best people.  My friends and family knocked down walls, painted, rewired, installed cupboards, created the art on the walls, and when I got to work with them, it was the bestest.
  8. What was the last book you read that you recommended to other people, and why?  Swamplandia! It’s about a family whose gator-wrestling amusement park business is going down the tubes.  Sometimes, I wear my gramma’s old garish floral halter swimsuit with lots of ruching, make big muscles and boom “I’m Hilola Bigtree, alligator wrestler!”
  9. What’s your idea of the perfect Sunday?  I’d be woken by a ukelele chorus before being whisked off  to Snakes and Lattes for brunch.  Somebody else could read all the rules, and the best people there would stop by our table and say saucy things.   Later, there would be a party at Katherine’s (she of The Eyrea).  Her people and schtick are always excellent, and we’d be there well into the night.  And I wouldn’t even think about Monday, once.
  10. Socks or barefoot?  Barefoot.  The only real nostalgia I have for the time I belonged to a gym is for the feeling of peeling my socks off and the relief of air.
  11. What’s next?  Next, I better go brush my teeth.
And the next round of Liebsters go to:
My sis Annie at Pawsibilities, mon frere Seamus at Out of My Mind, Jordan at My Quest for Archery Olympic Gold, Amanda at Bow Meets Girl, Adam at Toronto Dreams Project Historical Ephemera Blog,  users of our city ice rinks at The Unofficial City Rinks User Blog, Robert  at Transit Toronto, Peter at The Adventures of an Urban Scout, Charles at Charles’ Archery Blog, Patrick at On Experiencing the World (and Other Life Choices) and Daphne of A Transwoman’s Writings.
My questions to them are:
    1. What was your worst vacation?
    2. What’s the oddest way you’ve ever made a friend?
    3. How do you feel about going to the movies alone?
    4. Give me your best conversation starter.
    5. Where do you fall in the birth order:  Eldest?  Youngest?  Only child?  Do you think people can tell?
    6. Give me your best conversation killer.
    7. Give me the heart of Snow White in a box.
    8. Got a favourite folk- or fairy-tale?
    9. What did you make in shop class or home ec.?
    10. Have you ever gotten anything from Craigslist?
    11. What’s your cocktail of choice?

So again, big thanks to Katherine.  Next week, back to the archery!

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